Vibrating extractor

The Pizeta vibrating extractor is designed to extract product from a silo or hopper and then meter it and distribute it uniformly across the entire outlet width.
The device is primarily composed of a suitably sized stainless steel tank, a vibrating unit and a fixed frame supported by suspension elements to dampen oscillating movements.
The vibrating unit, which comprises two rotary electric vibrators, is mounted directly to the tank and allows easy access for manual adjustment of the eccentric weights.
The number of suspension elements between the tank and the fixed frame varies in accordance with the size of the extractor.
The machine throughput is determined by a manual or motor-driven damper that can be adjusted to regulate the product discharge rate.
Each extractor is also equipped with a sensor that monitors the presence of product in the tank. For special production requirements (e.g. production of mixtures) this sensor also ensures execution of the correct product cycle.


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Vibrating extractor