PIZETA designs and builds plants for storing and transferring foodstuffs and other raw materials and finished products (dry pasta, pet food, cereals, cous cous, wood pellets, etc…). Thanks to our experience in the sector and innovation in the design phase, we can meet the client’s requirements for the construction of single machines and supply “turnkey” plants. PIZETA is a world leader in the sector, dedicated to continuous technological research with an efficient customer service network.




Thanks to our decades of experience in the sector, PIZETA can offer valid solutions to meet the client’s requirements, transforming your innovative ideas into highly functional projects. We use the latest design tools, such as 3D modelling, to guarantee the quality of our products in continuous development.




Dedicated to the continuous improvement of our products. Our specialised workshops produce machines offering the greatest reliability. PIZETA alternates the mass production of standardized components with the production of custom machines made-to-measure, using pre-assembly tools and jigs that guarantee high precision and the greatest functionality.




PIZETA supplies, installs and put each single turnkey machine or plant into service. Our specialized technicians offer the highest quality service throughout the world to meet the client’s requests. PIZETA trains plant operators, to make them autonomous as soon as possible.




PIZETA guarantees fast, specialized service in record time. Fast trouble-shooting and timely intervention are the strong points of our service.